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Filtering of Dry dust and gases is the Primary target to Control Air Pollition. Filtering means the Control of Emmission level which can be measured as Fugative Emmission level or in stack as exhaust portion. The dry dust can be caught through Bag House, Dust Collector or can be reduced in Spark Arrestor or in Cyclone or in Multi Cyclone, where Bag House is the main effective device to filtering the Dry dust. The gases can be neutralized through Wet Scrubber.

There are a lot of processes to filter the dust, like Pulse Jet Compess Air Cleaning or Reverse Jet Cleaning. These may be Offline or Online Process. The system can be run through Automatic Process. The system can be Controlled from a Control room through a SKADA based system, incorporating with Mimic procedure. From where, an operator can be controlled the Pressure and Temperature as well as the Cleaning & filtering of Particles from the control room. Or may be Automatic through setting without any manpower.
Manufacturers of bag house, kolkata Manufacturers of bag house

Bag House means the filter of Dust through Fabric Filter based Bags. The Bag House Consist of Dust-resistance Buffle Plates, Clean Air Chamber, Dirty Air Modules and Dust disposal Hoppers. The quality and grade of Bags depends on the specific application. These filters may be Polyester, Glass Fibre, PTFE, Silicon Treated, Water & Oil Repealent, PP, Ryton, Nomex etc. And type may be Collar, Snap, Cartidge, Cassete or Pleated. All the fabrics have a capacity to catch the dust upto below 1 micron.

Manufacturers of wet scrubber

We are involved in providing high quality Wet Scrubber that removes pollutants from a furnace flue gas or from other gas streams. The Wet Scrubbers range can be designed to collect particulate matter and/or gaseous pollutants. The Wet scrubbers offered by us remove dust particles by capturing them in liquid droplets.
The scrubbers have a different construction of materials. It may be Stainless Steel or Mild Steel, or FRP Coated or others. It consists of Porcelain Balls, Mist Eleminator, Water & Chemical Dozzing facilities etc.

Manufacturers of cyclone separator

These cyclones are widely used in all industrial gas-cleaning/dust dedusting devices. These cost effective air pollution prevention cyclones have no moving parts and they can be constructed to withstand harsh operating conditions. It may be manufacured by Cast Iron or Mild Steel or Stainless Steel. The salient features of these cyclones are as follow:

  • The hot air gas or high loaded dust are distributing equally in a multicyclone.
  • Low capital cost
  • Ability to operate at high temperatures
  • Low maintenance requirements because there are no moving parts
  • Maintaining of disposal-degree and inlet section is a very vital part
  • Particle Size: as required
  • Equipment Type: Mechanical
Manufacturers of discharge chimney

Exhaust & Exit. We at Enviro Treat never allow to Exit the Emmission through a Stack or Chimney. Only after required & proper Filtration, we allow to exhaust the Gas/Air through Chimney. The Chimney may be Self Supported type or may be Exhaust Duct type, depending on size. The Moc is Mild Steel in general, or may be Stainless Steel or FRP lined for Acidic application. The access ladder, Platform, Monitoring Port, Water Drainage arrangement are incorporated as required. The ladder may be Spiral or Cage type.

Manufacturers of cyclone separatpr

It is mainly required at AOD / LD Converter or In Electric Arc Furnace. Generally Refratory lined with explosion vent is a part of it.

It is a device of Mixing of Hot Gases with natural air or Others. Made with mild steel or as specified.

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